Hello to all our tumblr followers!

It’s been quite a busy year, however things are finally falling into place :D!

I recently moved in  together with R!P and we have started a mini “studio” for the creation of adult games/animations. Mind you this doesn’t mean that everything we’ll make will be a joint thing as we each have projects we’d like to work independently or with someone else as well 😛

Which brings us to our patreon page (which has finally been updated with a proper design shamelessly “parodied” from mittsies :D).

We are attempting to create adult games/animations full time, and thus this is our shot at it (and we hope we succeed!!). So if you’d like to support us in this endeavor then feel free to join up (theres fabulous prizes as well!)

This change has no impact of any animations/games past or present. Everything we make will continue to be free to everyone!

In terms of projects there are many on the horizon:

The maud game is now a full project with many many scenes (and lots of hidden goodies).

There is also the matter of the fluttershy game (with more scenes and hidden goodies as well, AND full voice acting!!!), the multi verse pinkie project, PSG, the raffle and many more to come!

While we will continue doing ponies we are also expanding to outside universes, so all kinds of shows/games/cartoons will be part of our site and games!!

The patreon supporters will enjoy a number of bonus features. Supports will see early progress work of flashes, suggest ideas and beta test games! Advocate tiersand above will also receive website accounts that remove all Ads from the site! There are raffles on a monthly basis (including animation loops) as well as raffles for full games of your choice (not just pony, any series/game/tv/show!), and much more.

With the advent of internet crowd source funding and patreon I believe that it will be possible to allow us to work full time and create games that so many people desire. Animation and game making takes a long time, and to me it’s understandable why there has been a lack of adult animations/games simply due to the resources/time it takes to make something. This is why your support is vital, and everything helps no matter how small to achieve that dream.

The patreon charges will only be for “big” projects, so there won’t be spam/abuse of the service (and you can unsubscribe or limit to how much you donate a month easily in the patreon control panel).

We will continue working on projects no matter what happens for as long as we can, and we are thankful for the followers and fans that enjoy our works, without you commenting/responding/critiquing there could not be us!

Click here to support our patreon page (or if you just want to take a peek at it!)

Thanks for everything then and now, you guys are wonderful and your messages continue to entertain us and give us motivation to make more stuff!