The Ponyvania Project hit its first speed bump last month when the Paypal account associated with the donations was frozen. Don’t worry, we’re not canceling the project! All this means is that we will no longer be accepting donations for the project via e-junkie voucher. Instead, atryl & myself will be using Patreon to track stretch-goals for the project (http://mittsies.com/ponyvania-goals). If you already purchased a voucher, good news: you’ll be entered into a special animation raffle just for people who bought those early vouchers. As our Patreon accounts reach a certain threshold (and stay that way) we will be adding more content to Ponyvania in addition to all of the stuff we’re already working on.

See the stretch-goals here: http://mittsies.com/ponyvania-goals
Support our Patreon accounts:
With that being said, here’s the New 1.1 update. Enjoy.
PS: if http://mittsies.com/ponyvania-goals doesn’t work for you, try this one instead: http://bit.ly/1zRUIbb