Hello everyone, Alpha 4.2 has officially been released! This version brings with it a complete overhaul to the final date with Purple Smart. It is over four times longer and contains many new lewd images. In order to see it you’ll need to replay that date, however.

We are going to rework the old interactive scene back in the game as an easter egg but for right now it is temporarily disabled due to some issues that arose when upgrading several parts of our engine.

With this release also comes the very first public alpha Android build! Keep in mind that this is mostly a proof of concept and, while the game works and is playable, it may be a bit finicky. Some thing to take note of is that: 1-finger tap = left click, 2-finger tap = right click. You will need to tap once with both fingers to put an inventory item back in your bag.

In the future we will be looking at improving the user experience of the Android build.

Get it here: