Hello everyone! We have some updates for you since the release of Alpha 4.3.

Our next major update, Alpha 5.0, will kick off the main part of the route for Blue Fast and also introduces her old rival, Raging Storm.

One question we have been asked often is whether or not this is the end of Purple’s route and the answer is : NO

We just decided that it was time to focus on the other characters for now. We still have many more plans for Purple in the future.  In the meantime we received your feedback on the bugs, and many of them have now been fixed:

  • Passing time with any pony now no longer locks the game up.
  • The park date now loads properly on Android.
  • Modified character names should now be properly set when you re-open the game.
  • Opening and closing the menu after putting away a book in the library will no longer lock up the game.
  • A shocked expression of Purple now looks more shocked.
  • Purple now doesn’t flip on the bench unexpectedly.  As always we look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you so much for continuing to support our game!