Pony Waifu Sim Alpha version 2.0 is here, bringing with it a taste of some more open-ended gameplay! We are definitely feeling like Purple right about now.

This version finishes up the introduction and lets you explore the town to visit all of your favorite characters. Like we mentioned earlier, Purple Smart has a little extra content in this version.

In the coming weeks, however, we will be adding similar encounters to each of the main characters.

As for your save files, the autosave made at the end of the last alpha should work. However we cannot guarantee that they won’t lead to issues.

Keep in mind that many assets in this version are temporary placeholders, and will eventually be updated to a level of polish consistent with the intro. Additional buildings/areas will be added as the background map becomes populated (as well as other non mane6 ponies).

With this version also comes a wave of tools which we can use to easily add more content, which you will see in the coming weeks.

As always we look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you for supporting Pony Waifu Sim!

WebGL: https://www.studiowhy.net/PonyWaifuSim

Windows 64bit: https://www.studiowhy.net/Release/PonyWaifuSim_Windows.zip

Windows 32bit: https://www.studiowhy.net/Release/PonyWaifuSim_Windows_32bit.zip

Mac OSX: https://www.studiowhy.net/Release/PonyWaifuSim_OSX.zip

Linux: https://www.studiowhy.net/Release/PonyWaifuSim_Linux.zip

You can support the game and follow more updates here!