Hi there, we’re glad you’re checking out our first release of pony waifu sim alpha!

Pony waifu sim is the kind of game many of us have wanted for years and so we decided to build it ourselves.


You can find the webgl version here:


And windows/mac/linux build here:









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The game is a combination of open town/choosing who to tackle first, dating sim and visual novel (with minigames to boot!). The alpha covers the intro part of the game and gives you a taste of what’s to come. You play as a human character who ends up in equestria.

You may notice that the characters in the town have different names than usual, however they can be renamed via editing in scripts (and later it will be an option in the main menu).

The game is produced by Scion (programing), Spookitty (background art and prop designs), Tiarawhy (art and animation, Aspirant(writing) and Strelok (audio engineering).

We are looking forward to the feedback, critique, suggestions and anything else you want to discuss with us in regards to the game as we aim to build the best kind of game possible both for you and ourselves!



The game has a menu option, hit ESC at any time to bring it up.

This will allow you to save/load your game, change audio settings and send feedback if you like/dislike something or find a bug.

You can scroll through previous text with mouse scroll.

You can turn on/off character voice sounds.

Editing Names:

Navigate to: “%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/StudioWhy/Pony Waifu Sim/” or “~/Library/Application Support/StudioWhy/Pony Waifu Sim/” on Mac.

Open CharacterNames.data in any text editor and change the names of any characters.